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Cleaning for a reason

Hello, my name is Helena,

I was born in the US and raised in a Portuguese household environment.   My parents immigrated to New York in the 60's and always believed in working to the best of your ability and maintaining that quality with honesty and loyalty.  I would like to continue with that tradition because in today's tough economy no one has the time to thoroughly clean their homes with both head of households working longer and harder than ever.  Allow me to offer you this service at affordable rates whether it be your home or business or both. 



Kitchen/Dining Room:

  • Clean and Dust Window Sills
  • Dust Mini Blinds, Vents, Ceiling Fans, and Wall Hangings
  • Clean Cabinet Exteriors/Interiors
  • Clean all Major Appliance Exteriors/Interiors
  • Clean all Small Appliance Exteriors/Interiors
  • Clean Exhaust Hood on Stove
  • Spot Clean Walls, Doors, Faceplates
  • Dust and Clean Baseboards
  • Dust Electronics
  • Dust and Clean all Counters, Flat Surfaces, and Islands
  • Clean and Scrub Sinks and Faucets
  • Dry/Wet Mop Floors
  • Clean and Dust any Furniture/Tables/Chairs

Living Room/Fun Room/Family Room/Den/Office:

  • Dust Ceiling Fans, Mini Blinds and Vents
  • Spot Clean Walls, Face plates, and Doors
  • Dust and Clean all Flat Surfaces
  • Dust and Clean Window Sills
  • Dust Electronics, Wall Hangings and Shelves
  • Dust and Clean Baseboards
  • Vacuum Carpets with Commercial HEPA Vacuum
  • Dry/Wet Mop Tile or Wood Floors
  • Clean any Mirror


  • Scrub/Clean/Disinfect Bath/Shower/Toilet/Sinks/Counters
  • Spot Clean Walls, Doors, Cabinets, and Face plates
  • Clean and Dust Baseboards and Window Sills
  • Clean all Mirrors
  • Dust Vents and Wall Hangings
  • Dry/Wet Mop Floors
  • Cleans and disinfect toilet water tank (a mold haven, and not normally cleaned)


  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Dry/Wet Mop Tile or Wood Floors
  • Dust Vents/Ceiling Fans, Furniture, and Electronics
  • Dust and Clean Baseboards
  • Dust and Clean all Flat Surfaces an Shelves

Please note: You determine what gets cleaned and what does not. All that is determined with your free cleaning consultation. Most of my customers have something that they do not want or need cleaned. Sometimes it’s the home office, the art collection, or an unused guest room.

For more information you may call email me

  • Extras: (Windows, Beds, Laundry, refrigerator, ovens,neglected electric appliances, in-door/out-door patio furniture, Garages, Silver, floor waxing, floor stripping, power washing)